Metra Mitchell graveyard background

Artist Statement

The characters of Shadowland are crafted with rich colors and bold contrast, appearing in many guises within their staged theatrical environments. Unpacking this constellation of imagery carries a strong emotional charge, conjuring a complex process of transformations. This metamorphosis involves the human spirit- a living presence taking on different shapes and forms. Concealed identities, masks and other disguises are used playfully to reenact the dark atmosphere of shadow drama.

Through the physicality of the painting process, the work investigates polarities between vulnerability & control, revealing & concealing identities, and the juncture between composure & confusion. Within the theater of painting, the bodies and the space physically become a playground ripe with human drama welcoming madness in a friendly manner. The texture of these paintings is achieved through the thick application and accumulation of slabs of paint, embedding the content into the painted illusion. In this way, the work conveys both conviction and ambiguity.

Masks & disguises may be metaphors with deeper psychological meanings. Wherever known reality stops, where we touch the unknown, there we may project an archetypal image. I understand archetypes as universal, archaic patterns and images deriving from the collective unconscious and as the psychic counterpart of instinct. Each piece is the residue of the act of working toward a semblance of meaning where the vulnerability and endurance of the body continues to hold and reflect these emotional residues.

Metra’s Shadowland