Character Development Artist Statement

“Character Development” introduces both a scripted and spontaneous performance where roles are played out in a systematic yet responsive manner. Emotionality is contained within the intimate conflict between content and form through twelve chosen archetypes. Each of the twelve archetypes are represented by a color on the wheel below - a graphic representation of mood. The four cardinal orientations on the color wheel define the motivating focus for each group: Egofulfillment, Freedom, Socialness and Order. Much like colors, each archetype engages in dialogue with its compliment or dramatizes with its shadow-side.

Within the scenes of emotionality, the bodies and their gestures are arranged and rearranged in an attempt to reveal patterns of behavior. I refer to this process as visual surgery. This can be described in three stages: confrontation, negotiation and collaboration. This process stimulates a cathartic experience where broader harmonies and complications are analyzed within the painted psychodramas. These assemblages become a collection of mediated bodies making explicit the framing of identity. Casting these different archetypes seeks to create a unique and critical image.

Clarity is not one of the properties of emotion. Pleasure and displeasure may be intense and prolonged, but they are never clear. When all twelve archetypes function collectively, we observe them awaken and transform within the theater of painting. The passage from chaos of emotion to the stability of order becomes clearer.